In the flow

Today was a day of ease and grace. I awoke to the water running properly, and things continued to flow smoothly from there. I was dreading being back in the classroom at the school, but because the space was now familiar–and especially because we had created good energy in that space yesterday–it was comfortable and pleasant to be there, despite the physical issues that I had been so struck by yesterday. And since I managed not to have to use the bathroom during the entire morning, it was a true success!

Our training consisted today in reflecting on students through the All Kinds of Minds framework to begin with, and then moving on to Literature Circles as one of the tools we are going to use in the tutoring program. It was incredibly satisfying to see how smoothly we were able to transition from the more abstract to the more concrete, and how fun and engaging it was to practice working in literature circles ourselves, using books that Jacqueline and I brought with us to create a small library for the tutoring program. Today is the day that I could really begin to see what the actual program is going to look like–and I could see that it is going to be really successful. It’s a powerful experience to watch what you’ve planned take shape, and I am really impressed that I was able to plan this training week so very well. It wasn’t something I’d ever done before, yet each day has unfolded with just the right rhythm, and each step has been the natural next step to take.

I spent the afternoon and evening just hanging out here at the mission with Jacqueline and Olivier, writing emails and taking care of business on the computer. This evening I was able to download onto my computer all the pictures Jacqueline has taken since I’ve been here, and now I’m attempting to upload some of the most striking ones to this blog. C’est un travail d’amour –a work of love… and more painstaking than I think it should be. Between the holes I have in tech knowledge and the internet not being as fast as I would like on the one hand, and my bleary eyes from looking at the computer for too long on the other, I’m having quite a bit of trouble.

I’m going to leave the blog here for today and attempt to upload a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure. There are more to come.


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