Photos galore! …and now’s the time to donate

We still don’t have any big-money funding for this project. Do you have a few dollars to share? If so, please donate tomorrow (Wednesday, September 21) during the Global Giving Bonus day starting at 6:00 am EDT and ending at 11:59:59 pm EDT. You can click on the link here. (And you can read Jacqueline’s report here for a really interesting update on how the project has been unfolding.)

I promised photos before I left Cameroon.

Here are photos of our final day of the training program. In the photo above you can see the girls gathering around to see their pictures as shown on my blog. Below is the ceremonial moment where Jacqueline passed out notebooks and pens.

Over the course of our week together with these seventeen students, we had completed the “Circle of community” (using InterPlay), the “Circle of learning” (using All Kinds of Minds), and the “Circles of Tutoring”–the reading and math circles for French/History/Geography, and Bryce Hedstrom’s Special Person for English.

What we didn’t realize is that there was one more circle we needed to complete before the training program could come to a close–the “Circle of Dance.” We soon realized that we could not end the training program without it! We put music on in the car and began the dance…

No one could resist. Smaller children from nearby houses came to see… and to join the circle of dance as well.

I wonder… will our school be built by the time these kids are ready for high school?

I know I will do everything in my power to make sure it is.

original_url: 261BABE8-AB80-499B-86E8-F245D7304388
original_url: 261BABE8-AB80-499B-86E8-F245D7304388

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