A Washington Post article about…. Aumazo!

I’ve been reading lots and lots of Washington Post articles about the presidential election, as you may have been doing as well, but this is a different kind of article because Aumazo has been written up! This may be just what you need to read to get the bad taste of misogyny and political shenanigans out of your mouth.

I am particularly thrilled to see this new publicity as we prepare for our Friendly Aumazo Evening this Friday. I will write up a report of the evening here on the blog over the weekend.

I was fortunate enough to have been part of a conference call last week in which Jacqueline and I talked with Carrie Handwerker and Sara Herald in order to clarify details about the project and ensure that they truly understood the Cameroonian context before deciding what advice to give. It was a great conversation, and this article is the result of that work. See the article here.

I got to talk via FaceTime today with the group of girls  who are in the program today , and what a thrill! I’ll save what I learned for our Friday evening gathering (and my subsequent reporting of it here)… but suffice it to say that my mood, which has been somewhat low over the past few days because I miss kids*–was immediately restored. Seeing their faces, hearing their voices and their laughter, and discovering that they are looking forward to seeing me in January just as I am looking forward to seeing them, restored in full my sense of connection and purpose.

I am deeply grateful. Thanks be to God.

*Working with adults is fun, and I’m delighted to have one-on-one adult students, but I’m a teacher because I love kids… and I’m used to having groups of kids around me all day. Running my own business is very different. I look forward to a future in which I have groups of kids (whether homeschool kids or kids in an afterschool program) each and every day. 


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