High pass rate for Aumazo girls!! Bonus donation day today

16 out of the 22 girls in our Tutoring Program who took the high school entrance exam this year passed!!!! See more information about the launch of the program at the bottom of this blog by scrolling down – or here is a link to one of the early posts, which will help you orient yourself.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!

Global Giving is matching donations today. Please donate here by 11:59 pm.

More info here:
And The Good News Keeps Coming…


Raissa’s determination is contagious
The good news is that you already made Raïssa and 20 other girls dreams in our tutoring program come true. By participating in our Bonus Day heretoday July 18, 2018, youupheld that truth to be self-evident. that every girl in rural communities in Cameroon and around the world is blessed with the unalienable rights to education and the pursuit of happiness.

You can express it even better today with your 50% match donation to AUMAZO, INC. All donations to our cause up to $500are matched until the funds run out. Do not miss out on this opportunity that starts at 9:00am sharp and ends at 11:59 pm today.

Bonus Day Gift

Your generosity will foster a stable future for Raïssa and the girls graduating from the tutoring program, the girls promoted into the second year, and the incoming girls into our tutoring program in Bankondji Cameroon during the next academic year 2018-19.

Raïssa’s Working Toward Her Dream

Raïssa is a 22 year-old single mother who joined our tutoring program last year. She showed up with her daughter when we opened the door for the peer-to-peer tutoring class sessions beginning in August 2017. When I asked her to tell us why she was showing up now with her baby, she said, “I am persevering on my dream of becoming a journalist.” She also mumbled while hugging her daughter “ I would like to give her a better shot in life.”

Sure enough! She is on her way to fulfilling that promise she made to her little girl. On Wednesday July 4, 2018, I had a conference call with her. She said: “I do not know how to thank Aumazo and all the supporters of the program. What can I give them that would be of significance to them other than my prayers? I can only pray and ask God to bless them more.”  I asked her to tell me how she feels now that she passed the exam that seemed so far-fetched to her in August 2017.

She continued: “Frankly, words cannot express how I feel now. All I know is that I still want to pursue my dreams of becoming a journalist. I also want to stop the cycle of poverty and give the best life to my daughter. It starts with my achieving my great potentials and getting my education.” From the first day that she came to our tutoring program, Raïssa understood that patience and time would help her attain her goal.

Your Support Makes A Difference

Together, we have already turned her challenges and those of the other 20girls in the graduating class (second year) of the tutoring program into opportunities. Let’s persist in helping Raïssa strengthen her determination to realize her dream of becoming a journalist. During our discussion, she mentioned that without your financial support and the motivation she got from our teachers, she would never have made it this far.

Her unconditional love isn’t the only thing she can afford to give her daughter at present. Your unforgettable gift to our tutoring programhas already transformed Raïssa’sdream of education into reality.

Let’s Make Dreams Come True

Remember that we appreciate your passion for the peer-to-peer program. It is absolutely crucial to Aumazo accomplishing its important mission. Your continuous support will transform Raïssa into a journalist and allow other girls in the tutoring program in Bankondji to aspire to greatness and a better future.

Thank you for being an important part of Raïssa’s story.


~Jacqueline Audige and the Board


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