Your Brain Can Learn French & Spanish!

Your Brain Can Learn French!

Spring French classes are starting up on April 1, and I’m offering them both in person and online via Zoom video conferencing (very much like being in person!). Take a look at the French class page on our website: Highlights for the spring session include in-person classes for all different levels, including a special Speak and Write with Savoir Faire: Refining Your French class for solid French speakers who want to take their French to the next level, intermediate and advanced conversation-based classes, and of course a continuing beginner class. Online classes this session are Advanced Beginner French and Advanced French for French Teachers. (If you’re ready to register, you can click here.)

Your Brain Can Learn Spanish!

The next session of Rachelle’s Spanish classes starts up on April 1 this fall as well, again both online and in person—and she’s got lots of options for you! Believe me when I say that you will not regret spending an hour a week in her company. You’ll learn a ton and you won’t believe how much fun you’re having. Take a look at If you’re ready to register, click here.


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