Fall French classes begin 9/16

Ready to win a gold medal?

It’s our 25th wedding anniversary today, and we’re in Montreal for a week to celebrate and remember what it’s like to be just the two of us now that our 2nd child has left for college. We couldn’t resist getting photos of each of us “winning” a gold medal. See a picture of my husband George at the end of this post. 

Fall French classes are starting up on September 16, and as usual, I’m offering them both in person and online via Zoom video conferencing (very much like being in person!). Take a look at the French class page on our website: elevateeducationconsulting.com/your-brain-can-learn-french. Highlights for the fall session include:

  • In-person classes for adults (and teenagers) for all different levels, including a special Speak and Write with Savoir Faire: Refining Your French class for solid French speakers who want to take their French to the next level, intermediate & advanced conversation-based classes, and of course a continuing advanced beginner class.
  • Online classes for brand-new beginners as well as advanced beginners/intermediates.
  • Advanced French for French Teachers (online) – begins 10/1. In this online class, you will have a chance to use your French in a richer way, connect with other teachers, and experience what it’s like to be receiving Comprehensible Input at an intermediate/advanced level. (More information available here.)

If you’re ready to register, you can click here.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions – anna.gilcher@gmail.com.



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