Join our 2019-20 cohort – “Teaching with Culturally Responsive CI”

Rachelle and I are so excited to have launched a credit-bearing online course for language teachers!

We take you step by step along a success path to develop your Culturally Responsive CI teaching practice.

Content is shared weekly over 12 months. Each week’s instruction only takes an average of 20 minutes.

Through crystallized learning modules, curated resources, concrete
actions you can take in your classroom, and guided reflection, we walk
you through the 5 stages of Teaching with Culturally Responsive
Comprehensible Input:
1. Understanding CI
2. Providing CI
3. Witnessing Progress
4. Trusting the Process
5. Deepening Your Culturally Responsive CI Practice

Course Cost – $250 (less than $5/week!)
…or 4 payments of $62.50
1-4 Graduate-level credits available from University of the Pacific.

  • Engaging with the modules over the course of the year earns you one
    graduate-level credit with no additional work required.
  • Each additional graduate-level credit requires a 3-page, typed,
    single-spaced narrative report.
  • 1 Graduate-Level Credit : $62/Completion of course modules
    No further work or documentation is required.
  • 2 Graduate-Level Credits: $124 / 6-page reflection paper
  • 3 Graduate-Level Credits: $186 / 9-page reflection paper
  • 4 Graduate-Level Credits: $248 / 12-page reflection paper

For more information & to register go to
Registration open only until November 1, 2019.

Elevate CI Success Path (1)


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